Bulgarian Folk Dances

With Kaya and Hristo

Welcome to Koprivshtica
1st - 9th August 2015

Dear friends of dance,

We are pleased to invite you to join our 12th regular seminar for Bulgarian folk dances and music. It will be held in the town called Koprivshtica. We will be staying in Koprivshtica’s hotels “Kalina” and “Dalia”.

This seminar will be even more interesting, because it will coincide with the National Festival of Bulgarian Folklore, also held in Koprivshtica.
For three days dancers, singers and musicians from all over Bulgaria will perform in the area “Voevodenets” nearby Koprivshtitsa.

The seminar schedule of Tchandancingschool includes dances from all folklore regions. We’ll play bagpipe, accordion and drum as well.
The last three days we will be guests of the festival.

Do not miss this amazing atmosphere of song, dance and music!

Wе’re looking forward to see you, and spend a fantastic vacation together in August 2015!

Yours, Kaya and Hristo